The Miltenberger is Helvetia Cider Company's finest offering. A 100% dry cider expertly crafted from the heritage apple orchard on our farm.  These  are the same apple trees that produced the first batches of cider in Helvetia in 1891. 


This cider is named after the mail carrier way back in the early 1900's. Mr. Miltenberger loved our cider so much that he snuck in  to the shed and helped himself to the fine hard cider. When locks were put on the shed, it didn't discourage him at all - he let himself in through the window!   In the spirit of his tenacious love for our cider we have named it after him. 


This cider is the same as it was when Mr. Miltenberger stopped at nothing to get some. Go ahead and grab yourself a bottle or a case and find out why for yourself! This time our front door is wide open, so its sure to go fast.

The Miltenberger