These are all the fine establishments that pour our hard ciders.


Important: Please call the location or check availability on their website before making a trip.

Reedville Café

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-649-4643

Website: http://www.reedvillecafe.com/

Helvetia Tavern

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-647-5286

Website: https://www.facebook.com/HelvetiaTavern/

Craft Pour House 

Location: Beaverton

Phone: 503-747-5864

Website: http://www.craftpourhouse.com/

Golden Valley Brewery 

Location: McMinnville

Phone: 503-972-1599

Website: https://goldenvalleybrewery.com/

John’s Marketplace 

Location: Multnomah Village

Phone: 503-244-2617

Website: https://www.johnsmarketplace.com/

Hop n Drops / Hop Jacks 

Location: Happy Valley

Phone: 503-482-5016

Website: https://hopsndrops.com/ 

McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern 

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-645-3822

Website: https://www.mcmenamins.com/

McMenamins St. John’s Theater & Pub

Location: Portland    

Phone: 503-283-8520    

Website: https://www.mcmenamins.com/st-johns-theater-pub

Wildwood Tap House 

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-521-7924

Website: https://www.wildwoodtaphouse.com/

Waltz Brewing 

Location: Forest Grove

Phone: 503-536-7693

Website: http://www.waltzbrewing.com/

The Growler Garage

Location: Forest Grove

Phone: 503-372-5648

Website: http://www.thegrowlergarage.com/

Social Goods Taps/Toys/Café 

Location: Newberg

Phone: 971-333-8466

Website: https://www.vinooregon.com/social

Vanguard Brewing 

Location: Wilsonville

Phone: 503-855-5924

Website: https://www.vanguardbrewing.com/

Three Mugs Brewing 

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 971-322-0232

Website: https://www.threemugsbrewingco.com/

Jersey Girl Pizza

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-430-0205

Website: https://www.jgirlpizza.com/

Schmizza Public House

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-718-7120

Website: https://schmizzapublichouse.com/

Golden Valley Brewery 

Location: Beaverton

Phone: 503-972-1599

Website: https://goldenvalleybrewery.com/

Hops n Drops

Location: Sherwood

Phone: 503-825-9342

Website: https://hopsndrops.com/find-us/sherwood/

Public Coast Brewing Co.

Location: Cannon Beach

Phone: 503-436-0285

Website: https://publiccoastbrewing.com/

Deep Space Brewing

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-629-8700

Website: https://www.deepspacebrewing.com

Carlton Corners

Location: Carlton

Phone: 503-852-7439

Website: http://carltoncorners.com/

ABV Mainbrew 

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-372-9117

Website: http://www.abvpub.com/

Raindrop Tap House

Location: Beaverton

Phone: 503-430-8058

Website: https://raindroptaphouse.com/

The Dugout

Location: Hillsboro

Phone: 503-906-1198

Website: http://dugout-hillsboro.com/

Rock Creek Corner

Location: Portland

Phone: 503-645-8225

Website: https://www.rockcreekcorner.com/